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 You May Still Wonder, How Does My Service Work & How You're Going to Invest?

STOP! First I Need To Confess

I only deal with you if you are committed to succeeding, and are serious about your business. If you think of investing in me, I need to trust you. I need to know that you're willing to go all-in because I'm most certainly giving you 110%

Book Your First Appointment!

This is easy. Just send me a message. "Hi Toni, I'm doing this...what you think? 

Can we do business together?"

Tell me about yourself and I'll answer you. Then we just normally move forward...

What Type of Investment I'm Going to Make?

For Funnel building, it depends on what type of funnel you need, and how many we are going to make for you.

Webinar, Digital product creation, Offer Improvement, Marketing Consultation, Ads.

Are you starting to see that I cannot tell you beforehand what your investment is going to be investment today? Let's make sure that you get more out than you put in, right?

We Really Need Each Other and This Took Me Too Long to Figure Out...

Born in Finland in 1984...

Raised in a mid-class family...

Parents divorced when 3 years old...

Was surrounded by a lot of alcohol and drug addicts...

Didn't fit in the picture...

Found the love of his life in 2012...

Around the same time, Toni became addicted to personal development, and reading books...

Became a father in 2013 to his beautiful daughter...

In 2019 something bad happened...Keep reading and I keep revealing...

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"When You Understand The Psychology of Your Dream Customer, You've Found The Golden Fountain" 

-Toni Vallenius

1. To Get More NEW Customers for YOU on a Daily Basis

2. Boost SALES by Improving Your Message

3. Construct Irresistible OFFERS and sell them through Sales FUNNELS

Building a Lead Capture Offer is one of the best ways to attract "Cold" clients into your FUNNEL!

What exactly are FUNNELS & Why should you use them?

Sales funnels are the new "websites" and if they're artfully crafted, they can automate most of your business...

Building websites and funnels is easy...

But why are funnel builders so expensive? Most of them start at $10.000+20% commissions for a funnel.

Anyone can build a website or a funnel using ready-made templates, but the secret art is understanding the psychology behind it!

A Funnel is just a vehicle to get your message and offer in front of your customers. Like you can use different kinds of social media or ad platforms to advertise.

The key thing is crafting the message, which takes years of dedication to discover what it is that makes people want to buy.

What Is The REAL PURPOSE of The Sales Funnel?

  • To build trust, so that your customer is more than happy to buy from you and gradually desires some more
  • Is to think what is the next logical step for your customer when buying or getting to know you for the first time, so that you can increase the value of your business as a whole
  • The best funnels make your business shine bright like a diamond, and being unique is a MUST nowadays
  • Automating your selling cycle may completely replace a whole sales team so that you can save hundreds of thousands over the years
  • Nurture and remind your clients on a daily basis, fully automated, so that you can relax while funnels slowly turn your clients into raving fans of your business
  • Best-case scenario funnels drive you and your business to grow and expand into a entirely new level of cashflow

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How Does This Work?

Everything is handled through Zoom or some other platform so that we both save time. I'll mostly do the work for you, but I need some information from you now and then as we move on with our project.

So this is why we schedule as many appointments as needed.

Also, you have access to my Voxer, which is a safe way to send business messages through your phone 24/7.

So that we're connected all the time and there is no need to check emails and spam boxes because communication and moving forward are the keys to our success.

What To Expect?

I'm only expecting a 5-Star Review from you after our incredible work is done.

Many of my clients have stayed with me for years, and we have become lifetime partners and even friends.

Do You Have Any Guarantee?

Yes, of course, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to remove all the risks from your buying decision.

Does that sound fair?

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Of course, You Can Do ALL This ALONE...but why not take the SHORTCUT?

This is What Happens When My Clients INVESTS in My Consulting...

  • You'll Gain Clarity and Confidence! With a bulletproof business and marketing plan, your destiny is pre-written to succeed.
  • The real struggle comes when business is not systemized and has loose ends that are causing money to go out the windows and doors.
  • The FLY-DC method is a series of questions that identify how your product or service is going to be the answer to your customers' problems.
  • Someone who doesn't rely only on software or technology but brings you a real-life understanding of how to persuade and even how to hypnotize people. 
  • I'll personally design and plan an exclusive funnel for your business that no one else on the earth has! 100% GUARANTEE
  • More than just a wonder if your marketing is failing! It's not an expense. If it's not bringing you at least 2x what you paid for it, stop it right now!
  • The FLY-DC is a strategy to attract a dream customer that will happily do business with you for years to come.
  • Get most of the workload off your hands, so that you can breathe and relax. Be better and be happy with your investment.

When You Work With Me My Main Focus Is:

How Can You Attract More Clients?

After you have used FLY-DC which helps you to know your BEST, BIGGEST, MOST VALUABLE CLIENT, you can give them something that they desperately want.

By giving, I actually mean exchanging their information and leading them into a bigger problem that your product is going to solve for them with the help of funnels.

What is a Lead Capture Offer?

"I used to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist who convinced lifetime smokers to quit in a day, and one day I begin to wonder if I could persuade people to buy whatever I was selling?

This was when I started to study Copywriting and learned from the BEST" 

-Toni Vallenius

I've Made Over 100+ Funnels & Stopped Counting...Funnels Can Be Built in Any Business, and They're Simply The Best Way To Make More Money only If You Know How To Persuade People With Words!

"In Business, What Cannot Be Measured Is a Ticking Catastrophe..." - Toni Vallenius





Besides a funnel, you need to have the tools to analyze everything! I've literally lost 10 thousands without any pre-calculations

Old picture of my hometown

What Really Happened in 2019?

Toni Vallenius:

Before Bella (my daughter) was born in 2013, I didn't actually enjoy reading a lot...

Was it because I became a father that pushed me to be a better example for my children?

Don't know, but since Bella was born, I have been reading and learning everywhere I go.

No TV, no Netflix, I literally invested every minute to suck new information, and it was mostly about wealth and health.

Before I go to sleep, I listen to the audio...

If I'm driving, I listen to some audiobooks...

When I go to the toilet, I grab a book with me...

I mean, I watch some podcast, or online course that I've invested in while I'm training, eating, or doing anything...

Reading alone doesn't take you need to implement what you learn.

So I started an experiment with a lot of things...

Personal Trainer

NLP Trainer

Clinical Hypnotherapist



Funnel builder


In business, I failed more than anyone I knew, and in the year 2019, it happened.

I lost a lot...but how much, you may ask?

We lived in a beautiful light blue two-story house, and we had a little garden where our apple tree was growing, among other plants that my wife took great care of.

We had an indoor gym, a sauna and every piece of equipment you could possibly buy...

Is this the perfect life, I used to ask? 

We had 2 companies and many other side hustles as well, like 6 different eCommerce sites, two branded products manufactured in China and in Turkey, one non-profit organization...we were everywhere until it all started to collapse like a deck of cards.

When you have so many things going on but not a single one of them was well managed, let's just say that "we're skating on a thin ice."

I Became a Learning Machine:

How fast can paradise turn into hell?

In one year, we had to sell everything we owned!

We moved into a single-room apartment, all of us three.

Was this rock bottom?


Our savings were gone, and we started to borrow money to live.

Before we knew we had to sell everything we owned.

I mean everything...we even sold our bed and slept on a hard floor for a month or two...

Actually, we slept in a tent that was in the middle of the empty room. We tried to make it fun for our daughter, I guess, or maybe even romantic for ourselves...but,

after a while, we had to move out. I mean out, out...

Now, this was rock bottom. Being homeless...

I will never forget how I felt back then, and how brutally it affected our family.

It was hard, really hard...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean this to be any kind of sorrowful story. But do you know why all that happened?

We were trying to do all that alone, without any help from others! It's exactly as Richard B. says, you must know how to delegate, and I would add to that..." you must know how to plan and systemize!"

What Is The Key Factor That Makes Any Business Highly Profitable?

Run your business like a boss...

"Nowadays, I always try to think who I could have to do the hardest things for my business?"

Right at the beginning, try to outsource as much as you can.

Find the right people who get things done.

You should focus on planning and systemizing your business, and not try to do everything on your own.


What to Expect When You Send Me Your Message Today?

I'll personally answer you in a couple of days or so...and You don't have to know anything. I mean, you can just write in the message, "Hey Toni, I want some more clients".

This is super-easy and doesn't cost you a penny. But it does If you don't send me a message think about how much it could cost you not to improve your business and make it work like a Swiss-Clock.

I'm here to help you and your company get more cash flow and freedom.

I want to make this your best investment this year and for years to come!

But What Am I Actually Buying from You?

You can hire me for a project, like 

  • building your funnels, so that you can have more of the right type of buyer, which means you get more clients.
  • copywriting, so that your funnels, ads, and offers have persuasive copy that will skyrocket your sales, which means more money for you.
  • consulting, so that you become even more skillful in your business, which means that you become an unstoppable expert.
  • planning and execute your marketing, so that you don't waste any more money and make sure you have a bulletproof plan, that almost guarantees your success.
  • automating your business, so that you can have more time for your family and friends, which means you can let money work for you and not work for the money.
  • getting new clients and raise the conversions, so that the lifeblood of your business continues and your raving fan base grows even bigger, which means you are going to be respected and wanted in the market.
  • improve your offer, so that it's a no-brainer for your client to hop on board with you, which means that your clients will thank you and they'll become your brand ambassadors.
  • increasing the value of your company and make it unique in the marketplace, so that you're not lost in the noise of the online world, which means that people will seek your brand besides your competitors.
  • crafting and improving your brand, so that you can dominate in your field, which means that even the celebrities want to hang out with you.

Now You Want to Ask Yourself...

"Do I want to delegate some of these in my business or all of those above, right?"

See HERE How Easy Everything Is for You...

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Now, I don't Get It...They Look Just Like a Website?

"I'm sorry, sometimes when you're a so-called "expert" in your tend to forget that not everyone exactly knows what a Sales Funnel is."

You just witnessed "TOF" which stands for "TOP OF THE FUNNELS".

Now, this is not going to help either, OK.

A Funnel is a series of "websites" that are built to take your customers page after page after page.

So that they take your customer on a high-value-packed journey.

Together we can create an Irresistible Offer for your customer and spread it throughout the funnel so that you can become really wealthy or your company can double or even quadruple its current net income.


Funnels can be found everywhere and they are as old as business in general.

Because of the time we're living in right now, we can use so-called "Funnel Builder" Software to deliver our service or product in the form of a sales funnel.

Sales Funnels are the next logical step for your customer to take from not knowing who you are or what you are selling to a raving fan of yours...

The Easiest example I can think of is: (McDonald's)

Customer: "One cheeseburger please."

Mr. Donald: "Give me a minute, and by the way, do you want fries and soda with it?"

Customer: "Sure, why not."

Mr. Donald: "Great, and do you want some mayonnaise with your fries?"

Customer: "Yes, I'll actually take one paprika mayo with it."

"Fantastic, and hey do you want to take them into a bigger size; it's only for a dollar?" Mr. Donald says.

Customer: "Of course."

Mr. Donald: "What about the dessert?"

Ok, I think you got the point already, but this is a sales funnel in its basic form, and this is why McDonald's can sell you cheap burgers at the TOF (top of the funnel) to make all the profit after the first sale is made!

If you don't have this kind of selling system in your business, you're leaving money on the table.

I can create funnels for every business you can think of...

Different types of Sales Funnels:

  • Webinar (a fantastic way to educate your customers about your service and quickly sell it more than $2.000)
  • Lead (great way of getting people that don't know your service become customers of yours)
  • Product launch (it can be anything; new book, software, name it)
  • Basic Straight into Sales (sales page that is designed to sell your product or service. So many web pages are not designed to sell; they're actually designed to look beautiful and show everything your company has to offer, which will only confuse the potential client) P.S. Of course, webpages can be built to sell with the help of great copywriting!
  • Personal Brand (designed for coaches, consultants, speakers, and other personal brands to sell their services)
  • eCommerce
  • Software

What should you expect because you started to work with me today?

  • Save the most precious thing in your life, which is time! I can't say how many years you're going to shortcut and how big profits you're seeing but I'll know this will make a HUGE difference in your business.
  • You're getting something for years to use, and actually, with the FLY-DC, planning, and consulting, you're going to learn how to increase the value of any business. It's like you're going to learn more about your own business and get clarity about selling and marketing.
  • You get more clients, which is my main focus, and not just any clients, but clients that are more than happy to pay without your selling them.
  • Business automation allows you to relax, take a sip of your favorite beverage, and put your legs on the table while cash is flowing in.
  • If you're in a bigger company, I'll make sure you get praised for making the best investment and wisest choice for increasing your net profit.
  • Often times, my clients get a whole new business idea that will make them really wealthy. 

Why is Kevin O' Leary from Shark Tank Saying This?

After I failed 13 times in business, I understood why it was so important to me, but I realized that you don't actually have to fail if you are wise!

What do I mean about that?

The best way in life to learn and grow is to have a mentor or teacher who can show you the way and build a step-by-step plan for you to get to the top!

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve in your life, when you have a strategy to follow, you're going to get there.

Of course, in life, there will be some unpredictable surprises, like some virus that could take over the world, but still if you have a STRONG FOUNDATION, nothing is going to shake you down...

This is my final piece of advice to you: find the people who can help you to achieve what you want, and find someone who has already been there and done that so that you can avoid all the mistakes he has made.

"This Really Is All You Need To Have When Starting or Growing and Making an Impact!"

Business is all about getting more money, and the more you get, the more freedom you'll have...

When you understand that getting more money is actually the most generous thing to do for humanity, you really start to care!

For almost 10 years, I've been studying success and following the richest people in the world...

I realized that they are the ones who are changing the world and culture!

They are the ones who care about what problems we as humans have...

The Bigger the problem is, the more it shows in money because people are needing the solution.

Of course, there is a loophole...

There always is...

When you get good at marketing, you can create problems that are not actually problems.

When you get really good at marketing, you can create a new culture, a belief that will sweep the whole world under its feet!

This is why marketing can be the most dangerous thing in the world, but it can also be the most beautiful thing that ever happened.

Give a knife to a cook, and he will make you tasty food...Give a knife to a serial killer...


I will not accept any job or do any work for people who are trying to do harm of any type or form.

I want to leave this place better than it is right at the moment.

So if your business has anything to do with harming the planet or harming any living being, please do NOT contact me, but if you absolutely know that your product or service is something good for humanity, let's talk.

If You Invest Time Reading This Page All The Way Through, Many Said That They Learned a Lot About How To Improve Their Business...(Also, There is a Fun, Weird Story About the Fox and the Lion at The Very END of the Page).

"The Most 

Inspiring Site"

Here is an example of how funnels can be structured, so there are a lot of moving parts for the naked eye

Now There Are 2 Types of People:

The Fox & The Lion:

There was a man who walked into the jungle...

In the jungle, he could hear an animal whining.

He approached the voice and as he got close enough to see...

He saw a fox that was injured badly.

The man thought to himself, "That fox is going to be eaten soon."

Suddenly, he heard a growling noise nearby...

Immediately, the man climbed the nearest tree.

The growling noise again, but this time even closer.

Near in the bushes, the man could see a big animal figure getting closer to the fox.

Slowly moving towards the fox, a mountain lion appeared to be the one who heard the whining fox and now...

It would be the last day for the fox, or so the man thought.

As the lion was slowly approaching the whining fox, it seemed that the lion had something in his mouth?

The fox didn't even try to escape, like it had just accepted his faith, but when the lion got really close to it...

The lion just dropped the thing it was holding.

Now the man could see up in the tree that what the lion had just dropped was a piece of bloody meat.

The fox fearlessly started biting the meat that the lion had just dropped but...

The lion let the fox eat, and it just sat down, totally still,

letting the fox eat, and

after that, the lion vanished back into the jungle!

What just happened, the man thought to himself???

The lion feeding the fox, no way! This must be a dream.

Just out of curiosity, the man wanted to follow the destiny of the fox because he noticed that the fox was so badly injured that he couldn't move at all.

So the man went to his house and packed some food for himself to eat because he didn't know how long he was going to follow the fox.

He came back the very same night and climbed up on the very same tree again.

There the man sat and watched the fox, still whining...

Another day came and the lion appeared again. The food he carried to the fox and vanished again into the jungle.

The third day came and the same thing happened, but now the fox started to get its health back.

On the fourth day when the man woke up high in the tree, the fox was gone...

No way! He has just witnessed a pure miracle!

Now he thought that the jungle was blessed and enchanted!

That was the only explanation for him, and he was going to prove it...

So the man climbed down the tree and sat on a nearby rock.

He had this thought...

"If I just sit here and think about food, it will come to me, just like that fox"

So he sat and sat...

A day went by, and he started to feel a little hunger, here and there...

Another day goes by and he was not really hungry, but the man was certain about what he had just witnessed, so he just needed to trust that it's was going to happen.

Maybe some deep meditation helps the process, so he crossed his legs and started to chant:

"Om, Om, Om..." he went.

On the 3rd Day, you couldn't even really hear the man saying Om, but the Om started to sound like whining, just like the fox.

The man was hungry and looked terrible.

Nearby, another person heard the whining man.

This stranger was old and wise-looking with his long white beard.

The wise man went to the man and asked him, "What on the earth are you doing?"

The man explained the whole story about the fox and the lion...

The wise man slowly looked at the man and asked 

"Ok, I understand, but why did you choose to be the fox in the story?"

So there are two kinds of people in this world...

Now I'm Asking You, Do You Have the Courage to Be the Change and Take Action Today?

By the way, did you know that lions hunt together?

Here Is a RECAP of What You Get When Working With Me Today, 

If I Have Any Room Left!

What if I told you this simple word: "MONEY"

What if I told you that I'll do what ever it takes to get you more of that simple word?

Because your success is my success, there is no other way around, and almost every service I do with you is focused on how to get more money for you and your business. After that I've delivered my service and met my STANDARDS.

So do you really need to know right now all the ways I'm going to do that, or do you just need to take action, and see for yourself?

I can't imagine any more important investment than this is and if I would start business myself, I would immediately invest in my own service.

This is the REASON why I created my service...

I wish that I had had the help from someone that I'm offering to you now.

Someone with the knowledge that I have right now would offer me this same thing and I would be courageous enough to accept it right away.

So here is my GUARANTEE to You!

I'll give my best to help your business grow, and I'll use all my contacts to make you better.

This is not an ordinary service you're getting an maybe my price tag is high but it's not what every other marketer, consultant, or seller is offering.

It's way more personal, and I don't know anyone else who has studied the exact same fields that I have.

Not saying that there isn't a person who hasn't, but I don't personally know any...

And I'm not saying that there isn't anyone better, because there always is!

I have my own mentors, and consultants to help my growth, and I hope that I always will have them in the future as well.

"This is Something That We Do Together. You and Me Becomes We"

Building a Sales Funnel for Your Business, so that you can increase your cash flow and automate most of your selling and delivery, which means more time-freedom and an easier life.

Doing Copywriting for Your Business means using a specific type of words, stories, and psychological triggers that will affect your client's decision to buy from you.

I will help you to design a perfect plan for your business so that you can have clarity and be positive and certain about your next steps to take.

I'll do the analytics and calculations for you so that you can be sure to make positive cash flow from your marketing campaigns.

Money, mindset, and success coaching, so that you have someone to check on your progress, which means you're improving your skills and becoming even better in your business, and life.


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