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We give you specific tools that automatically make you wiser so that you can do whatever you want in your life, like earning money or getting better relationships, finding your true purpose in life, feeling happy, and enjoying absolutely everything you do.

What if you enjoyed your work and life so much that it felt like you were on a constant vacation, where you didn’t have to go anywhere, be anywhere, and you could do what you wanted to do and when you wanted to do it? The best part is that you still feel proud of what you do because you are doing the best service or work that there is for us all.

You have a bigger purpose that you are proud of, and that increases self-worth no matter what skills you have at the moment.

We are supportive, positive, and a group that is doing things together, having fun, and enjoying what they do. Step aside, happiness is coming through!

No hard work anymore, only smart and enjoyable work with an ever-growing community. New discoveries about how to live a better life and joyful constant surprises that keep me interested in living.

"As Much Good To As Many As Possible"

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Toni is an international clinical hypnotherapist and NLP trainer who has built multiple businesses and non-profit organizations. He is an author and one of the founders of the project P.O.E.

There is no better cause on earth than being part of the Paradise on Earth Project. 

We are revealing the most important skill that you will ever need to master. That skill can give you whatever you want in life and make you spend the rest of your days wealthy and healthy. 


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