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The wizard of existence entwines work, play, friends and family into a spellbinding dance. Question is, is he working or playing? To him, it's always both, his feet stamping the rhythm of his soul's purpose.

The Key In Life Is Not To Play Hard, Or Work Hard, Or Do Anything Hard... Hard Is Only When You Don't Absolutely Enjoy What You Do.

Life as; work, family, relationships, home, health, wealth, and spirituality should all be integrated, so that you feel like being in a constant holiday. That's the purpose of life and love. So don't love what you do but everything you do... do it lovingly.

Health should be our first priority. Knowing how your body and mind works the best. With that unlimited energy you are not only going to do 10X more than other's but you are doing everything effortlessly. That's the beauty of life.

Everyone knows that if they don't feel well or someone has pain it immediately affects the quality of life. It's easy to be happy when you feel well in your body and mind, isn't it?

Wealth is an effective tool to have. With money you can have more freedom. So money is important and learning how to create money will give you a certain level of confidence, not only to survive in life but to thrive.

When I realized that creating money is a learnable skill I started to learn how. It's pretty simple, most of the time it requires serving people, or at least giving people what they want. 

But as I learned from the most successful people on the world how to create wealth I noticed that not everyone of them were actually happy, although they had more money than they could ever spend.

So I started to as why is that?

The answer is simple. Either they didn't have the first most important thing in life which we already covered, Health. Some of them are mentally not well and some of them are so ill that they cannot even get up in a bed. 

That is why you being healthy is more important than anything else.

But if the health was in place there is a second and maybe the most importatnt thing everyone needs in life, if they want to live enjoying and happily ever after.

Find your own infinite purpose to live up to.

The Better You Know Yourself The Easier Life Gets.

I pretty much wasted my youth by following others and mindlessly doing things what everyone else was doing. My purpose in life back then was," I don't know?" Everyone's got to do what everyone's got to do. Work and try to survive.

News flash - You cannot survive in life.

So why not try to live a little.

Even in the temple of Apollo build somewhere in 4th B.C.E. have three main rules inscribed: 

1th "know thyself"

2nd "nothing too much"

3rd "give a pledge and trouble is at hand"

I think that even in the Bible there are the same words appearing - "know thyself" -

But what does it actually means to know yourself? Know that you are a human, a man, a girl, spouse, or what?

It simply means to understand why your life is the way it is at the moment and how it could be even better.

What if I tell you that you could live a lot better life right now... 

... Would you take it, if better means; happier, less worry and stress, more money and freedom to do what you are meant to do, would you take it? 

Only the crazy person would say NO!

In the years of crafting and perfecting my own life, I've had a privilege to help others along the way.

Now those people who I helped to get what they want are helping others to get what they want! Talking about the cycle of life.

Now I have started to record my knowledge into different places like here on online, or in various books, so that everyone could have easy access to life enhancing wisdom.

As Much Good To As Many 

As Possible

This is a beautiful thought. I took this sentence to hearth.

I have a vision: Where the world is at it's peak of enjoyment and happiness.

No hatred,

No wars,

No evil acts towards other,

No lying or stealing.

The world could be a better, safer, and happier place, when people learn how to be the master of their own life.

I would love to see the whole world living through wisdom, kindness and enjoyment of being alive.

I would love to see humankind to turn into humankindness.

That's why I am not asking to follow me or do what I do but I am asking for you to be curious about the life you could have.

Do you want to be healthier and wealthier?

The knowledge and tools are out there but the only thing you need to do is to take action and take the control of your own destiny.

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There Are No Secrets!

Secret to Wealth:

Reveal the Money Equation:


Creating wealth is a learnable skill that can be taught. It's not a secret that elite wants to hide from you.

It's just that some people are not willing to learn, or they don't know how to learn and what to learn...

Secret to Selfmastery:

"Know Thyself"

Know how your mind works and how it creates the reality around you.

Understand the BASIC laws of the universe and use them to enhance your life.

Secret to Health:

This is not the cure for all but staying healthy is not a secret.

Eat clean, nutrient rich, organic food and lots of vegetables.

Exercise everyday and live an active lifestyle.

Meditate, or learn how to create blissfulness in you.

Figure out your purpose in life and dedicate your life to full-fill it everyday!

Is there more into it? Yes, maybe, but do these things first and lets see after that. 

Toni Vallenius

Toni imagines a world where wise decisions aren't just made - they are crafted, curated, and shaped in a way that promotes health and goodness in all its forms.

In this utopian world, every choice we make is informed by a profound understanding of ourselves and others. There's no such thing as a knee-jerk reaction, or a hasty decision made under pressure. Instead, each decision is thoughtful, a mosaic of wisdom, kindness, empathy, and fairness.

A world where minds aren't just understood - they're cherished, respected, and gently guided towards enlightened paths.

And what, you may ask, is the magic wand Toni uses to bring this utopia closer to reality? The answer is as simple as it is profound: communication. 

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